All-Star Series: Kathy Irwin

All Star Series


Having put on three successful Modern Skills for Modern Chefs courses on to date (and gearing up for our new course, which starts in September), we are continually impressed to hear about what our former students are up to. We enjoy an extremely high success rate with our students, meaning that when the course is finished a large percentage go on to continue their careers in the many areas of the culinary industry.

This blog series will look at a few of our industrious alumni and what they do now:

Kathy Irwin – Personal Chef, Corfu, Greece

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Kathy was one of our first-ever accepted pupils to Modern Skills for Modern Chefs. A former solicitor, she had left her busy career in Dublin for a simpler life in the countryside – when we met her, she was learning about horticulture and living in County Waterford. Kathy was so excited to be accepted on to the course and took her studies seriously, whether it was in the classroom, kitchen or out in our school garden.

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Kathy (second to left) during our Japanese cooking technique day.

Kathy was the first to volunteer to be our “executive chef” for the week and had no problem taking charge in the kitchen. Her former career ensured her commitment to organization and clear communication – two necessary attributes in every successful chef.

During the course, Kathy developed a new food product she called “Brigels” – bagels made with an enriched, brioche-style dough. She worked tirelessly to perfect her recipe and technique to ensure her Schoolyard Market product was as high quality as possible. She even worked with our local bread-makers in the lead-up to the market and continued to work with them after the course finished for a time.

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Kathy’s Brigel sandwich with farmhouse cheese and prosciutto.

Kathy followed her dreams and spent the summer travelling Europe. She ended up in Corfu, Greece and began cooking – this was in the summer of 2017 and she hasn’t come back to Ireland yet! Here’s what she says about her time with us at the School of Food:

Kathy at Pericles taverna agni

“During my time learning to become a chef at the School of Food, my tutors’ dynamic approach to food opened my eyes to a world of international and local, or “terroir”-based, cuisine.

They gave me the skills to develop a food-based business through classroom practise and, on our last day, the chance to market my idea at a live market set up by the school.

Modern Skills for Modern Chefs is a course not to be missed by anyone who loves the world of food!”