All-Star Series: Edel Breslin

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Edel Breslin with Chef Jess Murphy

Edel – a graduating student of our Autumn, 2018 session – has been going from strength to strength since taking our Modern Skills for Modern Chefs course. Originally from Ennis, Co. Clare, Edel moved to Thomastown for our 11-week program and quickly settled into community life! When the course began, Edel consistently impressed Chef Tutors Janine and Dermot with her eye for plating and keen attention to detail. She excelled in her studies and, being the West Coast girl she is, decided to go to Galway for her work placement, securing a place with legendary Irish chef Jess Murphy at Kai.

Upon gradutation, Chef Murphy was so impressed with Edel’s work ethic and skillset that she offered her a permanent place at Kai. Edel moved to Galway and has been working with Chef Murphy ever since.

We love catching up with Edel – it’s so great to know when we’re in Galway and go in to Kai for lunch, nine times out of ten you’ll see her smiling face behind the hot line. Edel really enjoyed her time at the School of Food, both socially and educationally.

“I couldn’t recommend Modern Skills for Modern Chefs enough to anyone who wants gain skills in professional cookery,” she says. “The course gave me such a great insight to what it is like to work in the past faced hospitality industry. Both tutors shared skills they had learned from their many years of experience in the industry. Both Janine and Dermot spent so much time with each of us and were extremely dedicated to making sure we all got what we wanted from the course.”

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Modern Skills for Modern Chefs is much more than a cookery program. We take the time with each students to help them reach their personal and professional goals – and each student is different. Our holistic approach to food means we look at every industry option for each student and ensure we talk about stress management and mental health. Edel is on her way to big things in her professional life, and we couldn’t be happier that we had a small role in her achieving her short-term goals.

“I was extremely lucky to do my work placement with Jess Murphy in Kai Galway,” she says. “At the end of the work placement I was offered a full time job. I’m now living in Galway and working full time in Kai and cannot be grateful enough for the opportunity the course offered me. Thomastown, where the school is located, is a beautiful town to stay while doing the course with lots to do – and only 15 minutes from Kilkenny town by train!”

We wish Edel all the best for her very bright future!

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Edel accepting Jess Murphy’s Best Chef at the 2019 Restaurant Awards