School of Food Autumn Schedule

The School of Food is a non-profit community enterprise and in association with Kilkenny Leader Partnership and the Rural Development programme we are bringing you 3 wonderful cookery demonstrations this Autumn.

To celebrate the restructuring of the School of Food there is no charge for the second round of our courses starting in January. They are FREE

Even better, because of Covid 19 courses are currently online. This means that they are open to anyone who wants to join in.

If you would like to register for one of our Demonstrations you can sign up below.

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Specialist Cooking & Baking Skills

(11 course sessions 2 chefs)

About the Trainers:

Giordano Garbati: Having successfully opened numerous restaurants and coffee shops around the world, and given his profound culinary and technical knowledge, Giordano will guide you into a world of flavours and aromas in a simple and engaging way. Giving you all the knowledge possible to bring out the chef in you.

Bruna Olivera: Creativity, imagination and love for cooking, this is what Bruna will transmit to you during this fantastic experience. Her in-depth knowledge of spices, herbs and aromas will make you go around the world, to enrich your creative dishes with aromas.

Course Themes

• Stew and Casseroles/Winter Warmers
• Fermented Foods
• Mid-week suppers
• Vegetarian
• Cooking for friends and family
• Bread
• Kids (age 10+) at Halloween, midterm etc
• Party food and drinks
• Christmas Baking
• Making & cooking pasta and its sauces
• Fish

Elementary Cookery

( 8 sessions)

About The trainer:

Jen Bay: Having successfully run her own coffee shop called Jen’s, for the last number of years, Jen will let you in on the secrets of her kitchen.  Jen prides herself on using quality, seasonal ingredients and cooking from scratch.  Enjoy a course jam packed with tasty recipes, demonstrated with ease and in a fun environment.

Course Themes

∙ Home baking, master the basics;
∙ Food and Nutrition/The nutrition of food;
∙ Cooking for family events, communions etc.;
∙ Cooking from scratch, getting to know ingredients and multi-tasking;
∙ Healthy eating made easy, store cupboard meals;
∙ Cooking for one. Students, single people and older people adjusting to living alone;
∙ Party Food and drinks;
∙ Cooking on a budget, meal planning.


The Global Kitchens

(8 course sessions) 

Following on from the huge success of KLP’s Global Kitchen at successive Savour Kilkenny, this lot looks at courses inspired by the new food cultures that are emerging and influencing Ireland’s culinary space.

About the Trainer: 

James deBurca: Is a chef originally from County Kilkenny that has built his career cooking in vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Ireland and the USA. He has been teaching cooking classes since 2010 and brings a vast knowledge to facilitate this course in Thomastown School of Food. Having spent almost ten years cooking in Dublin’s much loved Cornucopia wholefoods restaurant he returned to Kilkenny city to live. His recipes are featured in Cornucopia’s latest cookbook. He will teach classes himself and will invite guest tutors from KLP’s highly popular global kitchen.

Course Themes

∙ Vegan World Cooking with original recipes from James
∙ Guest tutors from KLP’s global kitchen offering both non vegan and vegan alternatives
∙ Easily adjustable recipes to suit the whole family
∙ Ensuring nutritional needs are met from plant based foods
∙ Flavour combination techniques
∙ Using herbs from The school of food garden
∙ Traditional Asian Plant Based Protein Sources
∙ Decedent and light Vegan desserts
∙ How to cater for a vegan diet during the winter holiday season

Emerging Food Business Training Programme

with Margaret Hoctor

( 4 sessions)

About the Trainer: 

Margaret Hoctor: With expertise and extensive practical experience in Market Research, Marketing, Sales and PR, Margaret Hoctor has brought highly engaging, creative and interactive delivery style to her training.

She is a co-owner and Marketing Manager of Kilmullen Farm in Co. Wicklow. She’s an entrepreneur who has had to innovate and pivot, to market on a small budget and to accentuate the positive to build her market share.

With a wealth of practical experience to draw on and her training both encourages and empowers participants to take action in their own business.

Margaret  is a “been there, done that” kind of entrepreneur and her workshops promise to be full of practical tips and advice for business owners across various sectors to apply to their new business.

Course Theme

  • Working up a food product
  • Market Research
  • Food Compliance – hygiene, HACCAP
  • Recipe Development – trends, brands, certification
  • Routes to market/Sales
  • Finance & business planning

Previously Ran Courses

Below are some of our courses that we have ran in the past and hope to run again soon.

Swallowing DifficultiesTraining

Cooking for people with Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties)

This unique practical course was delivered By Declan Furlong & Noel Ryan of Black Olive Catering. They provided instruction in the making & preparing of safe appetising meals, snacks and drinks for People who have swallowing difficulties.


‘We learned how it is possible, with knowledge and imagination, to cater to people with Dysphagia.’

‘I learnt such a lot and now find that cooking for and eating with my Dad is a much safer and more pleasurable experience.’