School of Food: Home of Modern Skills for Modern Chefs

We have been busy these past weeks preparing for another busy year of our flagship program, Modern Skills for Modern Chefs, which will once again begin in September, 2019. The price for this full-time, 11-week, professional chef training program is €5200.00. As we are a not-for-profit food education centre, we are able to maintain some […]

Parabere 2019

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  Last weekend, I travelled to Oslo (the beautiful capital city of Norway) to attend and present at the annual Parabere Forum. Held in a different city each March, Parabere aims to improve gastronomy through women’s vision – in other words, it is a platform for the world’s leading female culinary minds to gather, present, […]

School of Food Street Food Market


Sunday 24th March | 12pm – 3pm | School of Food School Yard Join us for our School of Food Street Food Market. Over the past 11 weeks our Chef students have been developing their own food product to debut at our Street Food Market! We’ll have delicious Sushi, Chickpea Tenders, Langos (savoury garlic and […]

Farmer’s Market, Beer Tasting and More

Nearly seven weeks into our winter session of Modern Skills for Modern Chefs and the school has become an absolute hive of activity. Our busy Fiver Friday lunches are becoming much easier for the students to manage and, yesterday, the students completed practical assessment three (they made the most beautiful Mezze platters with hummous, baba […]

Fiver Fridays

Well, somehow, we are nearly finished our fourth week of Modern Skills for Modern Chefs. I think the course goes by more quickly each time we put it on! We have such a great, diverse group of student chefs this time and we really have thrown them into the deep end of the food industry, […]

Sprouting Ideas

ICCTP World of Flavour at our Fingertips

It may be January, but the School of Food gardens are as busy as ever. We welcomed our latest set of trainee chefs this past Monday and are delighted to have such a wonderful group of people staying and learning with us for the next 10+ weeks! With such bright personalities and friendly faces, we […]

New Year New Chefs

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We are so excited here at the School of Food to welcome our new students, this coming Monday (14 January), for our next installment of Modern Skills for Modern Chefs. January is a great time for fresh starts – with the new year comes a fresh perspective. For some of our students, that means making […]

How do I Become a Chef?

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One of the most common questions we get asked at the School of Food is “how do I become a chef?”. Admittedly, the answer is never simple. The truth is, there are many ways to become a chef. Some are more straightforward than others, some paths take longer than others, but at the end of […]

Why Would You Ever Become a Chef?

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We hear a lot about the restaurant industry in the popular media these days. The long hours, never getting a weekend off, the stressful – not to mention hot – environment, the low pay. You can understand why there is a chef shortage in Ireland when you consider all you’re hearing and reading in the […]