Chef Training Testimonials

Former students of the Modern Skills for Modern Chefs Chef Training Course in the School of Food talk about their experiences.

“The School of Food Modern Skills for Modern Chefs course has really helped my skill-set to grow! Every day was challenging and enjoyable in many different ways. Whether working as part of a fast-paced team for Fiver Friday’s, watching expert demonstrations, getting our manual handling and HACCP certification, or challenging myself during assessments, it has been an invaluable experience and has completely ignited my passion to continue improving as a chef.

I’m forever grateful to my chef tutors for their patience and persistence, and for giving us the templates to be our best. I am currently working in a restaurant of my dreams, and trying to start a small catering project of my own.”

Marina Bini, Class of April, 2019 - Chef de Partie, Barrow's Keep

“My catering business is doing great; I have the quest for more! I’m in the process of securing a larger banqueting space that can cater up to 500 guests; which is the trend in the African (food) market now. As for the restaurant, I am currently busy with takeaways, though fine dining is a part of my long-term plan.

I got open-arms opportunities from the course. It gave me a better understanding and an edge over my competitors. I have gained fixed, long-term contracts, thanks to Modern Skills for Modern Chefs.”

Anu Rosiji, Class of April, 2019 - Owner/Proprietor Anu's Kitchen, Tallagh

My time at the School of Food was such a divine experience. Armed with our excellent chef tutors and fantastic facilities, the students were given an all-round education of what the world of food consists. Modern Skills for Modern Chefs ensured that we obtained both practical and theoretical knowledge.

One of my favourite parts of the course were our Fiver Fridays. This experience exposed us to the full spectrum – not only were we expected to cook and prepare the food, but we were also given the opportunity to interact with guests.

Before the School of Food, I had little to no knowledge of food. After the 11-week course, I felt confident with a knife in one hand and a whisk in the other! I am extremely grateful that I had this experience.

Chloe Heenan, Class of April, 2019 - Commis Chef, Mount Juliet Estate

I can’t recommend this course highly enough for those looking for further their knowledge, or looking to start a career, in the food industry. Regardless of previous experience or skills, this course has something for everyone. Not one topic or area goes untouched, and the attention to detail is what sets it apart from the rest.

Nicky O’Grady, Class of November 2018 - Food and Beveridge Manager

I’m delighted I took Modern Skills for Modern Chefs. The tutors are both extremely passionate and provide great knowledge about working in the industry. They imbue skills, attitude and behavior that are symbolic of excellence. The school itself has an integrated & relaxed atmosphere which favors learning and achieves quality outcomes for students.

Edel Breslin, Class of November 2018 - Chef de Partie, Kai Cafe & Restaurant
My time at the School of Food was such an incredible and positive experience. With the help and support of my tutors I became much more confident in the kitchen and my abilities to succeed in the culinary world.
By bread week, I knew exactly where my passion was heading. Pastry became my fixed passion for the duration of the course with the tutors encouraging me every step of the way.
I now work full-time In a busy Kilkenny restaurant and am working on my patisserie degree. I cannot recommend Modern Skills for Modern Chefs enough – without it, I would have never found my passion.
Joanne Leahy, Class of November 2018 - Chef de Partie & Pastry Student; Kilkenny

When I decided to do the Modern Skills for Modern Chefs Course, I wasn’t 100% sure what I would be using it for! I knew I wanted to start a business with my wife in the food and drink sector, but was unsure what direction to head in. I found this course really helped me focus on what my strengths are and also gave me a real insight into what is a good area to go into within the hospitality sector.

As the weeks progressed, my confidence grew in the kitchen until I was happily creating three-course menus from start to finish using all the latest skills and trends. The course gave me an excellent introduction to a commercial kitchen environment and all of the necessary skills to enter straight into the workforce.

Although it’s never easy getting a new business up and running, my course tutors, Janine and Dermot, are a wealth of up-to-date knowledge and have been extremely supportive of our business endeavour.

The School of Food’s Open Day was a perfect arena for testing our product and market research, and we have met an extensive network of people that have been extremely helpful in getting our business off the ground. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who wants to either enter the hospitality industry as a chef, or, like us, wants to start their own business in the food or drink industry.

We are really looking forward to sampling what will be available at the next open day from the latest class of students!

James Vine-Chatterton, Class of May, 2018 - Owner/Proprietor Ludlow & Vine

During my time learning to become a chef at the School of Food, my tutors’ dynamic approach to food opened my eyes to a world of international and local, or “terroir”-based, cuisine.

They gave me the skills to develop a food-based business through classroom practise and, on our last day, the chance to market my idea at a live market set up by the school.

Modern Skills for Modern Chefs is a course not to be missed by anyone who loves the world of food!

Kathy Irwin, Class of May 2018 - Personal Chef; Corfu, Greece

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and looked forward to going in every single day. The excellent tutors covered so many aspects of culinary skills. We were challenged to be creative, and to work as part of a team. Each of us was asked to develop a product, and this turned out to be both challenging and inspiring. As I write this, I am preparing pies for a local market! I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the food industry.

Marian Kehoe, Class of May 2018 - Farmer's Market Chef

I really enjoyed the School of Food as it was a very professional but relaxed approach to learning about cooking. Two excellent tutors who have a very well balanced knowledge on both the practical and theoretical aspects of food. The kitchens are top notch and a stunning garden located at the school provides students with an abundance of fresh, organic herbs and vegetables. The Course is excellent for any home cook or professional who wants to up skill. The course was 11 weeks and in that time you study and cook through a range of cuisines and use completely new methods every week. It has enabled me to further my studies in this level college and cemented the fact that I now want to stay in the cooking industry for life!

Dom Doody, Class of May 2018 - Continuing Education; Dublin Institute of Technology

This course has given me the confidence to go out into the food industry. If you have any kind of natural ability, the tutors will definitely bring it out in you.

Shane O’Donnell, Class of May 2018 - Food Sales; Dawn Meats

Other courses are so long; they take a big chunk out of your year. This course? It’s 11 weeks. That’s so handy. It’s great to learn that, from basic ingredients, you can make really nice food.

Becky Drohan, Class of May 2018 - Commis Chef