Fiver Friday Community Lunch Programme

Modern Skills for Modern Chefs

Our Fiver Friday lunches are scheduled to begin on the of 11th October, 2019 and will continue for five Fridays, as an essential part of our Modern Skills for Modern Chefs course. With limited spaces available, and due to the immense popularity of our Fiver Friday program, booking for lunch reservations is essential.

Fiver Fridays Community Lunch Program

The idea is this: we offer a three-course lunch for a minimum donation of €5. Our guests enjoy a visit to the school and a delicious, three-course lunch. Our trainee chefs gain valuable experience in guest experience, fast-paced restaurant cookery and the level of organization that is crucial to a successful restaurant service.

We consider our Fiver Friday Community Lunch program one of the hallmark events of our Modern Skills for Modern Chefs professional chef training course. Our trainee chefs find this experience extremely valuable to their future in the food industry, while our guests enjoy interacting with the student chefs and provide them with helpful feedback.

What People are Saying

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If you would like to learn more about our Fiver Friday Community Lunch program, you can reach us by phone or email – for easy booking, just click on the link to reserve your table.