School Of Food Garden

Our plans for the Thomastown Community Garden are well underway. We are delighted that our partnership with Camphill Jerpoint will continue. They will share their qualified gardener with us and we will provide a safe place for some of their residents to come and work. We aim to run the garden organically, using compost and farmyard manure and avoiding artificial fertilizers and pesticides.




Allotment Beds

There will be a series of raised beds which will be available to rent for a small fee. Each person renting a bed will, as part of their fee, be signed up for a six-module gardening course. There will be two initial classes to get started and then four more over the following months to help with ongoing work. There will be open access to the garden so when you have rented the bed you can work on it at any time that suits you. And, of course, any vegetables you produce are owned by you.


There is a small tunnel in the garden and beds can also be made available there for growing vegetables needing cover.

Communal Areas and Events

There will be communal areas of flowers and herbs and the maintenance of these will be shared among all the participants. Some more landscaping will be done to make the garden a pleasant place to work, relax and meet friends.

The garden will play a major part in the events run by the School of Food. It will give visitors a chance to see vegetables growing and to encourage them to try it themselves. Gardens and Parties…a match made in heaven!



If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us.

Garden Rules

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