Menu Reboot

(Death to the Cajun Chicken Panini)

This course is designed for Café / Restaurant owners who want to upgrade their existing menus and upskill their chefs / kitchen staff; those wishing to open a new café or restaurant; or clients wanting to start a farmer’s market stall.

At the end of the course the clients will have a bespoke menu, supplier list, all recipes, all costings, images of every dish and video clips for promotional use.

6 Modules are taught 2 days per week in the evening, for 6 weeks.

Clients will be guided through every step of the process by School of Food’s skilled and experienced instructors.

Instructors: Dermot Gannon and Janine Kennedy
Price: 2,900 per person; 8 clients in a group
Date & Time: details to follow

Course Outline

Module 1: Identifying Your Niche

Location, Location, Location… Busy city centre, local farmer’s market or rural country café? Who will the clients be? Reservations only or passing trade?

Going with the Grain… Long term success and viability is often determined by the happiness of the owners and staff. Are you going with the grain – choosing a concept that feels right to you; or against the grain, with the wrong concept which wears and burns you out?

30 or 300… It’s a number game. Designing a menu is very dependent on numbers. Are you cooking for 30 or 300?

Kitchen Anatomy 101… The size and set up of your kitchen are key to successful menu implementation. What equipment do you have? How many staff? What is the flow? What are your hours of operation? Are you prepping for dinner while having to cook breakfast and lunch?

Kilkenny or Kenya… Who are your local producers? Customers care more than ever about where their food is sourced. Identify your local producers – they are your music makers!

Module 2: Let’s get Cooking 1

Choose your battles… identify what to cook in house and what to buy from a good producer.

Seasonality… identify the produce of the seasons and how to gently alter a menu to keep it interesting and appropriate to each season.

The Yin and the Yang… find the balance and flow in your menu.

First draft of your new menu will be written in this module.

Stocks, soups, breads, salads, starters will be trialled.

Module 3: Let’s get Cooking 2

Sauces, mains, deserts.

Second draft of menu will be written in this module.

Module 4: Recipe Writing and Costings

Consistency is key…

Suppliers will be identified and price lists will be supplied…

Know your costs…

Module 5: Fine Tuning

Allergies and substitutions shall be considered.

Final Menu will be completed.

Module 6: Social Media

Cook and photograph all dishes…

Short prep videos…

Identify social media strengths and areas for improvement.

Prepare images for press and a stock for social media and future events.