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Sustainability Statement – Thomastown Town of Food Ltd

Thomastown Town of Food Ltd and its associated projects e.g. The School of Food recognises its role in helping to address the challenges of climate change and sustainability.

It wishes to ensure that all those who engage with its projects develop a greater understanding of the sustainability challenges and possess further information, skills and commitment to helping find and be living examples showcasing solutions for tomorrow’s generations.

Thomastown Town of Food Ltd aims to build and operate its projects as living labs that support teaching, research and innovation and that contribute to the well-being of every member of its immediate and extended community and to the health of the planet.

Thomastown Town of Food Ltd is committed to working to ensure that all employees are made aware of the importance of systematic environmental work and to encourage individual responsibility for sustainability actions in all aspects of their roles.

Advocacy and support will be available to encourage those engaged with the projects with initiatives and interventions, particularly at the School of Food that assist in addressing the challenges of environmental sustainability.

Thomastown Town of Food Ltd will annually review measures to reduce the use of natural resources and the environmental impact of air, land, and water pollution caused directly or indirectly by its operations.

This activity will be benchmarked against international norms and we will work to ensure that aspects relating to environmental sustainability are considered in all relevant decisions.

We will also ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Thomastown Town of Food Ltd intends to continue to work collaboratively with stakeholders from participants, clients, industry, the local community and other stakeholders, to seek to broaden its impact and enhance its environmental work.



Thomastown Town of Food Ltd – 2020